Rapid industrialisation is boon or curse

Day by day the industrialisation is going on a rapid scale specially in our country India . The number of forest land is also decreasing at an alarming rate due to the the greed of mankind to earn lots of  money by selling forest woods and other forest materials . But they are not renewing the forest lands . The forest land of Amazon river basin and of south Africa is also decreasing . Some scientist had told that the by the year 2030 these forests will be damaged totally. The amount of green house gas emission is also increasing due to  rapid industrialisation in the field of petrochemical refinery , iron and steel plants and thermal power plants. The rapid industrialisation is boon for those who are studying in various technical fields by spending lots of money and labour but it is curse for those who are living beside the industry . In Mecheda , Purba Midnapur there is a power station named Kolaghat Thermal Power Station this thermal power station is producing a large amount of smoke ,which is a mixture of fly ash with some acid .These fly ash is producing lung defects to the local people and also damaging the natural growth of the local plants . It is also polluting a local river named Rupnarayan . The fish content of these river is also decreasing day by day which is affecting the local fisherman those who earn there livelihood by fishing in this river.

                                                                                – Subhankar Paul


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